Three level network will be built for cold chain food traceability

On November 27, the website of the National Health Commission issued the notice on further improving the traceability management of cold chain food. According to the circular, a cold chain food traceability management system composed of national, provincial and enterprise platforms should be established and improved, focusing on livestock, poultry, aquatic products, etc., so as to realize the information traceability of key cold chain food from customs import inspection to storage and distribution, production and processing, wholesale and retail, and catering services, and improve the measures of people’s co inspection and co prevention Establish a rapid and accurate response mechanism for problem products and strictly control the epidemic risk. < / P > < p > < p > the notice requires that all localities should arrange key cold chain food importers, production and operation enterprises, third-party cold storage, wholesale market sellers of edible agricultural products, shopping malls and supermarkets, fresh e-commerce and catering enterprises, so as to fully grasp the base number and actual situation. Key cold chain food producers and operators shall, in accordance with relevant requirements, strictly implement the purchase inspection, ex factory sales records and other systems, and establish a food safety traceability system. The production and operation enterprises shall timely and accurately record the inspection and quarantine information, nucleic acid test results, source, quantity, location and other key data of each batch of key cold chain food. All localities should strengthen the training and guidance for key cold chain food producers and operators, guide key cold chain food production and operation enterprises to make self commitment and implement special contact. < p > < p > < p > the notice pointed out that after receiving the notification of positive detection of new coronavirus in key cold chain food, local market regulatory departments should immediately use the flow direction of the same batch of food for traceability and accurate positioning, and report the information. The provincial joint prevention and control mechanism should implement the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen the risk prevention and control measures of imported cold chain food, and establish the cooperation mechanism of relevant departments. We will increase investment guarantee and work efforts, and the relevant work will be included in the food safety assessment.