Three groups of people need to return home nucleic acid test negative proof

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control program novel coronavirus pneumonia was published in January 20th by the national health and Health Committee website. The key questions were answered in the winter and spring new rural area, and the work plan formulated by the State Council in response to the new joint prevention and control mechanism of the new coronavirus pneumonia and the Central Rural Work Leading Group Office of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia was introduced in

. The answer to the question is clear: after returning home with the negative certificate of nucleic acid test, there is no need to isolate, but it needs 14 days of home health monitoring, good temperature and symptom monitoring. It is unnecessary not to go out or gather. It is necessary to do personal protection when going out, and do a nucleic acid test on the 7th day and the 14th day after returning home. For those who return home less than 14 days, the requirements of home health monitoring and nucleic acid testing shall be implemented according to the actual time of return home. Those returning home with negative nucleic acid test certificate will be implemented from January 28 to March 8. < / P > < p > according to the Q & A, returnees mainly include three categories: first, cross provincial returnees; second, returnees from cities in high-risk areas in the province; third, key groups in the province, such as imported cold chain food practitioners, port direct contact with imported goods practitioners, staff of separation stations, and transportation practitioners. < / P > < p > the returnees can test in any medical institution, disease control institution or third-party testing institution with nucleic acid testing qualification at the place of departure or destination, and return to rural areas with nucleic acid testing negative certificate within 7 days or health pass code “green code” containing nucleic acid testing negative information within 7 days. The local village committee should be informed before returning home. After returning home, the village committee should check the nucleic acid test negative certificate within 7 days or the health pass code “green code” containing nucleic acid test negative information within 7 days.