Thousands of people fighting for a job

The new outbreak has hit the UK economy hard and some people have lost their jobs. Resume library, a well-known British job search website, said that in the past, about 25 people were competing for a job, but now the number of competitors is likely to increase to thousands, which means that competition for jobs has increased significantly. The Daily Mail reported on the 13th that “resume library” received a record number of job applications last month as a large number of professionals were laid off or were waiting at home. According to the website data, among the jobs recruited by the website in July, the average number of applicants for 146 Posts ranged from 500 to 3000, and the number of job applicants for some posts exceeded 4000. For example, in London, 4228 people applied for an internship as a legal assistant, 3333 as a human resources assistant, and 3272 as an accounting trainee; there was a job in the warehouse of an enterprise in Northumberland, which attracted 2932 people to compete; 2653 people competed for a job as a factory worker in Sunderland; and an administrative post in Coventry A total of 2154 people were attracted to compete. Lee Biggins, founder and general manager of resume library, said: “normally, we have an average of 25 applicants for each job vacancy for our clients, and the number is much higher now. The labor market has changed 180 degrees. Before the epidemic, some enterprises tried to recruit people, but now they have to face the bombardment of job applications from a large number of professionals eager to find jobs. This is good news for recruitment companies, but it also means that they need strong recruitment procedures to ensure that they can easily control the recruitment process, screen candidates and quickly and effectively select the right candidates for the job. ” [micro special draft]