There were 5241 new cases of new coronal infection in Russia, with a total diagnosis of over 877000

On August 7, according to the Russian satellite network, the Russian epidemic prevention headquarters released news on the 7th that in the past 24 hours, there were 5241 new cases of new coronavirus infection in Russia, with a total of 877135 cases of infection, and 119 new deaths, with a total of 14725 deaths. < p > < p > according to the press office of the Russian Federation’s consumer protection and public welfare Supervision Bureau, more than 30 million new coronavirus tests have been completed in Russia, and more than 246000 people in the country are under medical observation for suspected infection of new coronavirus. < / P > < p > the Department also said that all volunteers vaccinated with the new coronavirus vaccine at the “vector” center were feeling well and had no discomfort. According to the situation on August 6, four volunteers will be vaccinated, the fifth will be vaccinated on August 8, and nine more will be vaccinated three days later.