There were 1473 new cases in Japan and 10 cases in Okinawa

Tokyo, August 6, according to the statistics of Japan Broadcasting Association television station, as of 20:00 on the 6th, 1473 new cases of new crown were confirmed in Japan, with a total of 44283 confirmed cases; 4 new death cases and 1033 death cases. < p > < p > since August, the number of new confirmed cases in Japan is less than 1000. More than 200 cases have been confirmed for 10 consecutive days, with a total of 14645 confirmed cases. Osaka Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture and other places reported a record high number of new confirmed cases on June 6, with 225 cases in Osaka Prefecture and 119 cases in Kanagawa county. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said again on the 6th that Japan does not need to issue a state of emergency because there are fewer severe patients than in April and may, and there is no tension in the medical system. At present, there are 115 severe patients in Japan.