There is still no consensus on Greece’s plan to provide free vaccines to the public and to wear masks?

On August 22, the European Network quoted the European Union News Agency as reporting that Greece’s finance minister said on the 20th that the government was ready to buy the new crown vaccine, and Greek citizens would be able to get the vaccine free of charge. In addition, in view of the coming of the new term in Greece, the interior minister said that masks would be provided free of charge to all students and staff, but an article on social media urged parents not to let their children wear masks back to school. Greek police are investigating. According to the report, Greek finance minister stakulas said in an interview on the 20th that the Greek government would pay for the purchase of the new crown vaccine on behalf of Greek citizens. He predicted that Greek citizens would not have to pay for the vaccine. < / P > < p > earlier, Greek health minister kyrgias had said that if the alternative new crown vaccine passed the fourth phase clinical trial, Greece would purchase 3 million doses of the new crown vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca in stages. Clinical trials of the vaccine are now in phase three, and phase four is expected to be completed in November, kikilias said. He revealed that the vaccine will be delivered in seven batches. 700000 doses of vaccine will be received in December 2020, and priority will be given to the elderly and patients with long-term diseases. < / P > < p > the Greek government has determined that the new school year 2020-2021 will start on September 7. Greece’s education minister, kremeus, said on August 20 that a committee of government experts had been adopted to require all returning students, including kindergarten students, to wear masks during school. The Greek authorities will provide free masks to all school students and teachers, and local governments will receive special subsidies to cover the cost of purchasing masks, the interior minister Theodore ricacos announced on the 21st. However, some “anti mask” groups have published articles on social media, claiming that wearing masks affects health and appealing to Greek parents not to let their children wear masks back to school. In response to this situation, the Greek police cyber crime team has launched an investigation, and it is expected that the police will make charges of “spreading false information” to the publisher. It is reported that recently, some social networking websites in Greece frequently post that “Xinguan epidemic is a conspiracy, calling on the public to refuse the epidemic control measures and to refuse to accept fines”. Prime Minister mizotakis has urged the Greek people to reject conspiracy theories about the new coronavirus. In addition, the Greek epidemic has shown a rebound trend recently. In order to strengthen the epidemic prevention, the Greek authorities on the resort island of miconos and halgidiki implemented restrictions from 21. Before the restrictions came into effect, miconos Island police raided a luxury villa in fatia in the early morning of the 20th. About 500 people were at the party, and police arrested a man renting a villa for disturbing the public order. Police also arrested a couple from Spain who had been tested positive for the new coronavirus and violated the home quarantine order at the party.