The winter support for border officers and soldiers on snow covered plateau has been strengthened in an all-round way

In recent days, when we went deep into the front-line troops of frontier defense on plateau, we saw that all kinds of new logistics equipment assembled and distributed by our military train provided all-round support for the training and life of front-line officers and soldiers of frontier defense. Border officers and soldiers said that the winter security in recent years is getting better year by year, and this winter is warmer! We are more at ease to guard the border! < / P > < p > the new type of cold proof quilt makes the officers and soldiers on duty warm. In the heavy snow, Sergeant Tang Lin of a border company patrols in the snow wearing a new cold proof quilt. Tang Lin said with pride that our Plateau border defense forces have issued new types of cold proof quilt, including cold proof headgear, warm training clothes, light cold proof warm training coat, moisture absorption and quick drying underwear, anti glare glasses and multi-functional heat preservation kettle. After a period of trial, everyone praised them. These new cold proof quilts are light in material, high in technology and better in use. < / P > < p > in the ice and snow, the new barracks are particularly eye-catching. Ji gen, a cadre of a border company who has been stationed on the plateau for 10 years, said happily: “these new barracks are not only strict and standardized, but also advanced in function, with complete supporting facilities. Now, although the cold wind is biting at night outdoors, the indoor temperature can be maintained above 15 ℃ The field thermal insulation shelter is more popular. The officers and soldiers report that the new dismounted self powered thermal insulation shelter specially distributed for border officers and soldiers is applicable and practical, which can ensure the officers and soldiers to set up camp and carry out tasks in high altitude and cold areas. < / P > < p > border patrol, travel equipment is very important. In recent years, the plateau border company has been equipped with various types of Frontier patrol vehicles with advanced functions, which are not only fast, strong off-road performance and good interior insulation effect, but also connected with various kinds of border video monitoring systems, giving you a panoramic view of the surrounding environment. With a variety of border patrol cars, we can ride the ice without fear of the cold. Not only that, the border companies and outposts have also built helipads, so that the air traffic can be unimpeded even if the mountains are snowed and roads are interrupted. < / P > < p > warming the heart starts with warming the stomach. With the increasing supply of supplies, officers and soldiers are guaranteed hot food. In recent years, the relevant departments of the Military Commission have guided the army and the local government to establish a non-staple food emergency financing support base and logistics distribution system, requiring that no less than 12 varieties of fresh non-staple food be stored in winter and prepared in winter, coordinating the inclusion of high-quality canned food into the purchase catalogue of main non-staple food on the plateau, and organizing the development of rich combat rations and self heating food for individual soldiers in the plateau cold regions, which has effectively improved the quality of border officers and soldiers The quality of the food enriched the menu system. In order to ensure that officers and soldiers can eat hot food, the relevant departments provide a batch of mobile passive refrigerated containers, field supplies equipment units and other equipment for plateau troops, improve food preservation and processing methods, and let officers and soldiers have nutritious meals. Officers and soldiers generally reflect that there are many kinds of food and sufficient energy, which provides a strong guarantee for military training and preparation.