The whole army is celebrating the national day while performing its duties

On September 30, Beijing guarded the peace of the motherland and was always waiting for trouble. On the occasion of the 71st anniversary of the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the whole army celebrated the birthday of the motherland with practical actions of training troops and preparing for war and patrolling. < / P > < p > from the northern frontier to the southern islands, from the eastern coast to the southwest border, the combat duty rooms of all combat areas and services and arms are still busy, so we should pay close attention to training and preparation. A bomber regiment of Navy Aviation in southern theater organized combat training under the complex tactical background of day and night for many days. A brigade of the air force air force of the Western Theater organized combat air combat training to train the pilots’ excellent skills. In order to meet the needs of material delivery in the future battlefield, a naval aviation regiment of the northern theater carried out low altitude airdrop training under the actual combat background, and further refined and improved the army’s fixed-point airdrop support and diversified mission capability. The actual combat assessment of a certain rocket Army started the “camp competition” mode, and each launch battalion stepped into the examination room one after another. In the battalion command car, a series of chain guidance and adjustment courses flashed on the computer screen. The Karamay detachment of Xinjiang Armed Police Corps organized the “peak-2020” special war reconnaissance competition, and the special combat elites competed fiercely. Each detachment of Hebei Armed Police Corps carried out “devil week” extreme training, which laid a solid foundation for completing the anti-terrorism combat task under difficult conditions. < / P > < p > in the training ground, the military camp is full of singing and laughing. Recently, the auditorium of the eastern theater general hospital sang loud and clear songs. The singing competition with the theme of “singing the national day of the 11th” was sung here. More than 600 officers and soldiers and medical personnel sang loudly and wished the motherland prosperity. A brigade of the 83rd group army held a flash activity of “I and my motherland”. Officers and soldiers sang “I and my motherland” with passionate songs, and confessed to the great motherland. A naval training base in the eastern theater held an interesting sports meeting with the theme of “Celebrating Festivals and promoting integration”, so that new soldiers can feel the warmth of their home in a strong festival atmosphere, and have a good time in the first Mid Autumn Festival and national day in the barracks. < p > < p > to maintain world peace and highlight the responsibility of great powers. Around the world, many officers and soldiers stick to the front line of escort, peacekeeping and other tasks, and present gifts to their mother country with practical actions. The 36th naval escort formation, composed of a missile destroyer Guiyang, a missile frigate Zaozhuang, a comprehensive supply ship Dongpinghu and two shipborne helicopters, is responsible for the escort mission in the Gulf of kiaddin and the waters off Somalia. China’s 19th group of engineers to Levi and multi-functional engineering units went to Beirut to carry out the post disaster reconstruction assistance mission.