The veteran had been in the army for 30 years and did only one thing

“Mechanical failure, he heard the voice to know.” In the boat detachment of Chongqing Armed Police Corps, the name of “miracle doctor” of first-class Sergeant Xu Daming is well known. < / P > < p > after 30 years in the army and 30 years in ship maintenance, Xu Daming has developed his unique skills. His comrades said humorously that his ears are like stethoscopes, his eyes are like scanners, and his hands are like scalpels. If the boat breaks down, he can always get rid of the illness as long as he can “feel the pulse”. < / P > < p > the name of “miracle doctor” is true. In the past 30 years, Xu Daming has carried out nearly a thousand missions to ensure the navigation of ships and boats, and there has been no mistake and no fault that he can’t eliminate. < / P > < p > during a unit voyage training, a boat suddenly lost its power on the turbulent river. If the fault is not eliminated in time, the consequences will be unimaginable. At a critical moment, Xu Daming quickly boarded the ship for inspection, and quickly determined the cause of the fault with his experience. In less than 10 minutes, the boat returned to normal. < / P > < p > that year, when the unit carried out the drill task, a boat could not be launched, and several electromechanical soldiers on the boat were at a loss. “Let me try!” Xu Daming did not say a word, a lunge into the engine room. In order to find out the cause of the fault as soon as possible, he simply dipped his fingers in the machine oil and smeared it on his tongue. Based on his experience, he determined that the machine fault was caused by water entering the lubricating oil system. < p > < p > at this time, less than half an hour before he was ordered to set sail, Xu Daming raced against the clock to dismantle, repair and assemble the machine, and solved the problem before the task. < / P > < p > “as long as Lao Xu is there, there is a better chance of winning the voyage.” When it comes to Xu Daming’s maintenance technology, the leaders of the boat team all give a thumbs up. Wang Zhangxu, the instructor, said: “Lao Xu basically does not need to bring drawings when he carries out equipment maintenance and troubleshooting on board. Hundreds of circuit diagrams are printed in his mind. He is familiar with the technical parameters, switches, instruments, etc., and even remembers their numbers on the drawings accurately. ” < / P > < p > excellent skills are not innate. When Xu Daming joined the army, he entered the post of ship Electromechanical. Only he with junior high school education made difficulties in the face of professional equipment, but he was not willing to lag behind and was determined to make a career in the post of Electromechanical. Since then, he has devoted himself to learning professional knowledge, learning skills in the engine room with the monitor during the day, and studying theory and drawing drawings in bed at night Before long, Xu Daming grew into a technical backbone, and later became the monitor of Electromechanical industry. After 30 years of hard research, Xu Daming has mastered many kinds of techniques, such as machine repair, fitter, welder, and so on. He is proficient in the maintenance skills of more than 10 kinds of equipment, such as diesel engine, generator, windlass, winch, etc. He has explored and summed up more than 10 kinds of troubleshooting methods for boats, researched and innovated 4 inventions, which have been popularized and applied by the army, and trained more than 200 technical backbones. Due to his outstanding personal achievements, Xu Daming was awarded the first prize of the outstanding talent award for sergeants of the armed police force twice, and won the third class meritorious service four times and the second class meritorious service one time.