The utility of the latest family features of the new Volkswagen Golf pickup

Date, some overseas media exposed a group of brand-new Golf pickup models based on the eighth generation Golf Travel version. Compared with the ordinary version and travel version, the new car has strong load carrying capacity, and the higher ground clearance will also bring better trafficability performance. In terms of appearance, from the perspective of rendering, this golf pickup truck is similar to the golf travel version that has been released recently. However, details such as the trunk at the back of the body and the elevated chassis highlight the identity of the pickup. The front face of the new car is highly consistent with the eighth generation Golf. The front headlights are connected by a through day light belt, which is very fashionable. After black treatment, the lower grille is combined with the fog lamp area design with novel shape on both sides and integrated with LED light source, which brings more vitality to the front face of the new car. < / P > < p > the bulging lines of the engine cover and the sharp side waistline give the new car a stronger sense of three-dimensional and strength. The new car also has a luggage rack on the roof, and the rear compartment has more storage space than the golf travel version, creating a more practical performance for the new car. In addition, it can be seen that the chassis of the new car is raised to further improve the passing capacity of the vehicle at full load. However, according to foreign media reports, the new car will be equipped with 4MOTION 4WD system.