The United States retains military bases after withdrawing troops from Afghanistan

The U.S. military will reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan to 2500 by mid January next year, but will retain at least two large military bases, a senior Pentagon official said Tuesday. < / P > < p > he did not specify which bases will be retained after the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan, nor did he disclose what combat capabilities will be lost after the withdrawal, but said that the remaining US troops will continue to carry out two core tasks: assisting Afghan security forces and combating extremist organizations. < / P > < p > after the November election, US President Donald Trump ordered to reduce the number of US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to 2500 by January 15 next year. According to Reuters, after trump leaves office on January 20 next year, whether the deployment of US forces in these two countries will be adjusted has aroused concern. < / P > < p > the US government signed an agreement with Afghanistan at the end of February this year. The US side promised to withdraw its troops in stages, but promised not to allow its members and other armed forces including Al Qaeda to use Afghan territory to threaten the security of the US and its allies. < / P > < p > the Afghan government and Qatar are pushing forward the peace talks in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The two sides respectively announced on the 2nd that they would reach an agreement on the steps of future internal peace talks in Afghanistan, and the next step would be to carry out dialogue according to the schedule. A number of media reported that this was the first written document between the two sides in the 19 years of civil war.