The United States may be hit by the new crown and flu in autumn and winter, and the British economy will fall into a record recession

According to the latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University on August 12, as of 19:27 Beijing time on August 12, there were more than 20.31 million newly diagnosed cases and 742000 deaths in the world. Experts warned that the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in the autumn and winter may be double outbreaks in the US. The British economy is in the most serious recession since the record. The multinational countries have stepped up the epidemic prevention measures, and New Zealand has postponed the dissolution of Parliament because of the reappearance of local cases. < / P > < p > at present, there are more than 5.14 million confirmed cases and more than 164000 deaths in the United States. Public schools in at least 12 counties in Florida, the hardest hit state of the epidemic, will carry out face-to-face teaching programs this week, the local education association said on the 10th. Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, and American infectious disease expert Fauci recently warned that if people do not observe the guidelines of wearing masks and social isolation, the United States may respond to the double outbreak of influenza and new crown pneumonia in autumn and winter. < p > < p > Fudge’s previous goal was to have fewer than 10000 new cases per day in the United States by the fall. However, according to who data, there are still 50000 to 70000 new cases per day in the United States. Fudge said it seems unlikely to achieve this goal in the United States, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be achieved. < / P > < p > on the other hand, the White House Republican negotiators and congressmen have reached a deadlock over the epidemic relief case and have not held talks for four days. People from both parties controlled each other, ignored the severity of the crisis and refused to compromise on key issues such as unemployment benefits and aid to state and local governments. < / P > < p > the office for National Statistics said that “the UK is in the worst recession on record”. Covid-19, the country’s economy contracted by 20.4% in the second quarter of 2020, the biggest drop since the GDP recorded. Since March, 730000 jobs have been cut in the UK, with young people, the elderly and the self-employed taking the lead. Covid-19,

also reported that the Agence France-Presse warned that if the remedial measures were not taken quickly, the crisis brought by the new crown would have a serious and lasting impact on the future prospects of young people. < / P > < p > according to the international labor organization’s survey of 12000 young people aged 18-29, 13% of the respondents did not have the opportunity to participate in any courses, teaching or training, and more than 70% said that the closure of educational institutions had a negative impact on them. < / P > < p > in terms of work, 17% of the youth who had jobs before the epidemic stopped working completely. Among young people with jobs, 42% reported lower incomes. In addition, on the psychological side, the survey found that 17% of respondents said they were “likely” to be troubled by anxiety and depression. < / P > < p > the data released by the Statistics Department of South Korea also confirmed the severe impact of the epidemic on young people. From March to July this year, the number of employed people in South Korea has decreased for five consecutive months compared with the same period last year. The employment rate of young people aged 15 to 29 is particularly low. < / P > < p > local transmission cases reappeared in New Zealand after 102 days. In response, New Zealand Prime Minister Aden announced on the 12th to postpone the dissolution of Parliament and prepare for the general election. Investigators are targeting the virus, which may have been imported by freight. Department of health official Bloomfield said he was checking the Auckland cold storage where one of the men was working to see if there was any virus on the surface of the goods. < / P > < p > Victoria, Australia reported 21 new deaths on December 12, setting the highest single day death record in the state, 16 of which were related to elderly care institutions. Victoria imposed a curfew last week to tighten restrictions on people’s daily activities, and the local government suspended most of its economic activities.

novel coronavirus pneumonia death in Argentina exceeded 5000 on 11 th local time. Although the capital Buenos Aires and its surrounding provinces implemented strict blockade measures, it still became the “hot spot” area of the epidemic in the whole country. In view of the worsening trend of the epidemic situation in France, it is necessary to further expand the scope of compulsory wearing masks in public places and extend the ban on gathering more than 5000 people to October 30, French Prime Minister kastai said on the 11th. < / P > < p > as of 3:00 p.m. local time on the 12th, 222 new crown confirmed cases had been added in Tokyo, Japan. This is more than 200 new cases in a single day in Tokyo since the 9th. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government continues to appeal to local people to avoid summer travel as much as possible and to reduce going out for parties. Due to the decrease in the number of people tested for the virus and the failure of the public to comply with the epidemic prevention and control measures, the nationwide “city closure” is likely to come, Lonnie gamdzu, head of Israel’s national new crown project, said on the 11th.