The U.S. government forces “face-to-face” teaching, and teachers denounce: rush to resume classes regardless of life safety

new novel coronavirus pneumonia and new deaths in the United States continue to surge, the United States government did not do well in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, pushing schools in the fall semester to resume “face-to-face” teaching, which was strongly opposed by the American Faculty. Lester, a local teacher, came to the county education committee recently. She was angry that the government was eager to start school regardless of the safety of teachers and students. “It’s not a political issue, it’s about lives that are dying,” lehrs complained Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been reported in schools and schools in the past two weeks. Many primary school and secondary schools in the southern and Midwestern parts of the United States have been reopened. But schools in many areas have been heard by students and teachers in the diagnosis of

. < / P > < p > on August 5, a high school in Georgia was crowded with students in the hallway. According to CNN, since the resumption of classes, many people in the school have been infected, and a teacher has resigned. She said the government and the school have no plans to protect the lives of teachers. At the end of July, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States also revealed that hundreds of campers and staff were positive for new coronavirus during a summer camp for children and children in Georgia in June. CDC researchers said that the summer camp infection incident showed that minors are vulnerable to both new coronavirus infection and transmission. Recently, faculty and staff in many places across the United States have held different forms of protest. In the streets of Florida and New York, teachers and school workers held up slogans against the resumption of face-to-face teaching in the fall semester, calling for the continuation of online teaching until tests show that “the classroom is safe” and that more nurses and mentors can be employed in various areas. They have no choice. They are afraid to come here and stand in front of you to express their dissatisfaction because they are afraid of losing their jobs. < / P > < p > it’s not just teachers who protest. According to local media, about 40000 parents have contacted the local government of their children’s school to express their concern about the resumption of classes. However, despite the strong opposition, US President trump has recently repeatedly called for the opening of schools, saying that “minors are not susceptible to new coronavirus infection, and minors have” antibodies. ”