The trump team did it!

Washington, January 18 (AP) – members of US President Donald Trump’s re-election team played a key role in planning the Washington rally, which overturned the grassroots image of the organizations involved in the event. < / P > < p > it is reported that on January 6 local time, a pro trump non-profit organization called “women for America first” held a “save America” rally in the oval park near the White House. But in the license document issued by the National Park Service, more than six of the staff listed in the attachment participated in Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign a few weeks ago and received thousands of dollars from it. Other staff members who were arranged to stay “on the spot” during the protest also had close ties with the White House. < / P > < p > the report points out that the riots in the Capitol were incited by Trump’s remarks before and during his speech in the oval Park, triggering an unprecedented liquidation in American history. In a statement, Trump’s re-election campaign said it “did not organize, control or fund the campaign.”. No campaign members were involved in organizing or controlling the rally, the statement said. It said that if any former employees or independent contractors were involved, “their actions were not directed by the trump campaign.”. At least one person participated in Trump’s campaign this month, according to the report. Megan powers was listed as one of two managers at the event on January 6. According to her profile, she was the head of operations for the trump campaign until January 2021. She did not respond to requests for comment. < / P > < p > the report also said that the Associated Press found that at least three of Trump’s campaign aides listed on the permit hastily covered up their connection with the demonstration. They disabled or closed their profile on social media and deleted tweets referring to the rally. The three blocked a reporter who asked a question. According to the report, Caroline lane, an experienced Republican fundraiser, was listed as a “VIP Advisor” in the appendix of the permission document submitted to the National Park Service by women for America first. According to the Federal Election Commission, Trump’s campaign company paid Ryan $20000 a month. During the campaign, she served as a national financial adviser to the trump victory joint fund raising Committee. < / P > < p > an associated press reporter tried to get in touch with her on the 11th to ask about her participation in the rally and deletion of tweets, but she didn’t reply to a request for comment and locked her twitter account. A few days later, she blocked the associated press. < / P > < p > it is reported that Maggie marvani, the niece of former top campaign aide Mick marvani of trump, is also listed as “VIP leader” on the attachment of the license document. Information shows that she once served as the head of financial operations on Trump’s campaign team. In Trump’s re-election campaign, Maggie marwani gets $5000 every two weeks, according to the Federal Election Commission.