The third brigade of the Beijing Armed Police Corps held the ceremony of awarding and swearing in the new recruits in 2020

Recently, more than 600 recruits were awarded the rank of private soldier of the Chinese people’s armed police force at the ceremony of awarding and swearing in 2020 held by the third brigade of the Chinese people’s Armed Police Force Beijing corps, which ushered in the “adult ceremony” of the military camp with special significance and officially became glorious armed police soldiers. < / P > < p > the ceremony began in a solemn military song. Together with all the recruits, Wu Zhimin, the instructor of the recruits’ brigade, reviewed the ups and downs of the recruits’ experience in the past two months. He encouraged all the officers and soldiers to make more efforts to complete the transformation from local youth to qualified soldiers and from qualified soldiers to qualified fighters. < / P > < p > with the help of the backbone of the newly trained cadres, all the recruits lined up neatly and bravely. They were full of excitement and joy, wearing police ranks, necklaces and caps, enjoying the first glory of their military career. Liu Junting, who just took the rank of private soldier, said: “wearing the red epaulet, I can deeply feel the weight of the shoulder. What it brings us is not only glory, but also responsibility and mission. I will never forget my original intention and continue to work hard.” < / P > < p > then, the new recruits with police ranks raised their right fists and took a solemn oath. Always listen to the call of the party and the people, always bear in mind the sacred mission of protecting the motherland, every word from the heart, every promise sonorous and powerful. “I hope that the new comrades will bear in mind today’s oath and commitment, thrive in the” University “and” melting pot “of the military camp, and make every effort to contribute their youth and strength to maintaining the security and stability of the capital.” Wang Bing, the leader of the recruit brigade, said to all the recruits.