The survey shows that most US companies are optimistic about the Chinese market

On August 12, the National Committee on us China trade released a survey on China’s business environment in 2020 on August 11. According to the survey, most US enterprises are optimistic about the Chinese market. < / P > < p > the survey shows that 83% of the US enterprises interviewed regard China as one of the most important or top five markets in their global strategy, and nearly 70% of the enterprises interviewed are optimistic about the business prospects of the Chinese market in the next five years. Based on the “long-term confidence” in the Chinese market, 87% of the US enterprises interviewed said they did not intend to expand the production line, and% of the enterprises interviewed said that the resources invested in the Chinese business will remain unchanged or will increase in the next year, in order to expand production, increase personnel and release new products. Profitability is one of the keys for us enterprises to maintain confidence in the Chinese market for a long time. 91% of the companies surveyed said their China business remained profitable. < / P > < p > PENG Jiening, senior vice president of the US China trade National Committee, said at a news conference on the same day that member enterprises generally said that manufacturing in China is for the Chinese market. The success of enterprises in China can promote their development in other regions. “If there is no competitiveness in China, you can’t be competitive in the world.”. Craig Allen, President of the National Council on U.S. – China trade, said that U.S. – China Trade and investment have created about 2.6 million jobs in the United States. < / P > < p > the survey also shows that the first stage economic and trade agreement between China and the United States helps to stabilize the overall economic and trade relations, and 88% of the enterprises interviewed hold a positive or relatively positive attitude towards the agreement. The report points out that since the signing of the agreement, China has taken measures to further open its financial services industry to foreign enterprises and strengthen the domestic legal protection and law enforcement system for intellectual property rights.