The story behind “Xiangyu Opera Club”

Beijing on October 24, in the face of the war, what can an ordinary person do for the country? The answer of the late Yu Opera master Chang Xiangyu is to donate a MiG-15 jet fighter. < p > < p > at the theme exhibition of “remembering the great victory, defending peace and justice” – Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Chinese people’s Volunteer Army’s fighting against U.S. aggression and aiding Korea, a large-scale photo of the “Xiangyu Opera Club” was particularly noticeable. At the bottom right of this photo, a summary of Xiangyu Opera Society’s donation of performance in the past six months shows that Chang Xiangyu and Han Yusheng, who donated planes for the volunteer army’s charity show, are Chang Xiangyu’s disciple. In 1951, 12-year-old Han Yusheng was an apprentice of Xiangyu Opera Club. That summer, the whole country set off a vigorous movement to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea. “Resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea, protect the country,” the people of the whole country actively donated money, materials and weapons, and supported and comforted the front-line soldiers. Han Yusheng remembers that one day in June 1951, a news from the Korean front line was broadcast on the radio. A highland of the Chinese people’s Volunteer Army was bombed by more than 100 enemy planes, causing heavy casualties. < / P > < p > “after hearing the news, the teacher didn’t sleep all night. She said that the volunteer army fought too hard in North Korea, and the country was in difficulties. She should do something about it.” Han Yusheng said that Teacher Chang Xiangyu thought about it and burst out the idea of donating airplanes to volunteers who went abroad to fight. < / P > < p > at that time, an airplane cost more than one billion yuan, which was an astronomical figure for the whole drama club. Han Yusheng recalled that when Chang Xiangyu put forward the idea of donating airplanes, some people were not optimistic, because according to the price tag of Chang Xiangyu’s performance at that time, even if the venue was full and did not eat or drink, it would take more than 200 performances. “< p > < p >” at the mobilization meeting before departure, a teacher in the drama club said, “Xiangyu, this is too difficult.” Han Yusheng said, “at that time, Mr. Chang was very firm. If you can’t do it for half a year, you can’t do it for two years. If you don’t believe it, you can’t do it. He said that we must give this plane to the front line of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea.” At the mobilization meeting, Chang Xiangyu sold the transport truck of the drama club and took out all her jewelry and her savings for many years as a donation fund for charity performance. And put three kids in the nursery. In half a year, she led Xiangyu opera company to Kaifeng, Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Changsha He traveled more than half of China and traveled more than ten thousand miles. The donation amount for the charity show reached more than 1.52 billion yuan. < / P > < p > “except for the time on the way, the rest is singing. After 10 consecutive performances in Wuhan, the audience who can’t buy tickets will directly sit outside the theater to listen. ” Han Yusheng said he was worried that southerners could not understand Henan dialect, but he did not expect that Guangzhou would be more prosperous and tickets would not be sold enough. In February 1952, Xiangyu opera society successfully completed the charity performance of donating airplanes. Today, the plane “Xiangyu Opera Club” is quietly displayed in the China Aviation Museum, which has become the eternal witness of the heroic song of mortals.