The spiritual strength behind a flag: Party member commando flag inspires officers and soldiers to be excellent and capable

Original title: for 12 consecutive years, the mobile detachment of Henan Armed Police Corps has used the Party member commando flag to encourage officers and soldiers to be proficient and capable – the spiritual strength behind a flag < / P > < p > “it is my unremitting pursuit to sharpen myself into a sharp blade that can win battles, to sharpen the soldiers into a sharp knife that makes them chilly, and to build the unit into a brand of special combat training…” Not long ago, the annual outstanding officers’ deeds report meeting was held in the auditorium of the mobile detachment of the Henan Armed Police Corps. Duan Guohui, the commander of the special operations brigade of the detachment, combined with more than ten years’ experience in special operations, exchanged experiences with all officers and men. As in previous years, at the end of the report, a huge flag of Party member commando team was held on the platform, and commando team members solemnly signed on the flag. < / P > < p > when you enter the detachment History Museum, the flag of the Party member commando team is spread out in an eye-catching position. The author learned that whenever the detachment receives a major task, the emergence of advanced models and other opportunities, they will hold an oath to the flag and signature activities. In the hearts of Party members, it is their dream to leave a name on the team flag. Since 2008, more than 200 party members have written their names on the flag. < / P > < p > unfolding a slightly mottled flag, Zheng Kui, a party member, said: “only when you come to the real battlefield in person, can you feel more deeply how important it is to train your troops…” In April 2018, the hostage taking incident broke out in the land of central Henan. The officers and men of the detachment rushed to a one minute confrontation between life and death. Zheng Kui, then the chief of staff of the detachment, took the initiative to fight. With his combat skills trained for many years, he successfully solved the hostage by using a quick move to defeat the enemy. Later, Zheng Kuirong made a first-class contribution and was recommended as a candidate for the “top ten loyal guards” of the Chinese armed police. < p > < p > in that year, Liu Fu Hongfeng, a party member, competed with more than 100 sniper elites from 21 similar units of the national armed forces. In the course of individual sniper, he won the laurel and the first-class merit. There is inheritance behind the model, and the achievement is not only derived from personal hard training and meticulous research, but also closely related to the party members’ vanguard leading to the growth and progress of officers and soldiers. Liu Fu Hongfeng told me that before he went to battle, the detachment organized an oath to the flag of the Party member commando team. The shining names on the flag made him feel more mission and responsibility, and encouraged him to fight bravely in the international competition. < / P > < p > “tell the stories of Party members around you, learn the spirit of excellent party members, and keep up with qualified party members.” Zhang Weihua, Secretary of the Party committee of the detachment, said that in the past study and education, individual party members still had some outstanding problems, such as vague ideals and beliefs, weakening of the party’s consciousness, and lack of work spirit. After in-depth investigation, the Party committee of the detachment studied and formulated rules and regulations such as “20 principles for Party members to perform their duties”. They also rely on the strong army network and the official account of the public platform to carry out the commendation activities of “name card showing and pioneer image” commendation. The platform is divided into posts and sets up typical models. Through the “I am a member of the party, I am” and “the Dragon list” and other incentive platforms, we vigorously publicize the deeds of advanced typical cases, so that the party members can learn from others and learn from them. < / P > < p > compared with advanced models, many party members have found gaps and shortcomings. A Senior Sergeant of a squadron has a long party life and is slack in his work. The squadron Party branch, combining the deeds of advanced Party members in the strong army network and the official account, actively guided him to think and speak in the discussion of “the older party members should have more deeds”. After reflection and analysis, the Party member deeply understood his own problems, took the initiative to submit a letter of commitment for rectification to the party organization, and said that he would learn from advanced Party members and demand himself with higher standards. < / P > < p > good trees start from fertile soil, and models start from inheritance. It is precisely because of the rich soil with sufficient nutrients that party members and talents blossom. Today, this flag of Party members’ commando team has become a vivid teaching material to educate and motivate party members to maintain their advanced consciousness and play a pioneering role.