The smoke of gunpowder continues! Hundreds of casualties in the Asian Arab conflict

According to a comprehensive report, the recent conflict between Armenian and Azerbaijani in the Naka region has resulted in hundreds of casualties, including civilians. The Armenian side said it was preparing for a long war. Expert analysis said that if external pressure can not stop the conflict, then the outbreak of war may be inevitable, and will have ripple effect throughout the north Caucasus. < p > < p > the conflict between Asia and Afghanistan in the Naka region is escalating. The Associated Press reported on the 29th that the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense said Armenian troops shelled the tyre district. Armenian officials said the fighting continued overnight, and Azerbaijan resumed “offensive operations” in the morning. According to the Armenian Ministry of defense, about 200 soldiers were injured, but many were only slightly injured and have returned to combat. Earlier, the Armenian ambassador to Russia said that about 30 Armenian soldiers were killed in the conflict. At present, Armenian Prime Minister pasinian has announced martial law and military mobilization throughout the country. Azerbaijani president Aliyev has also declared a state of war and imposed martial law throughout the country. On the 28th, Azerbaijan also announced the mobilization of some reserve soldiers. Wagshak harutiuyan, chief adviser to the Armenian prime minister, said on the 28th that preparations were being made for a protracted war and that Turkey’s aim was to gain geopolitical interests in the conflict. “We are preparing for a protracted war. As for the reasons, I have always stressed that the main player in this is not Azerbaijan, but Turkey. Turkey is pursuing geopolitical interests. The duration of the war depends on many factors, including how the war is carried out, the response of the international community, and so on. ” Turkey and Azerbaijan are closely related in terms of nationality and language, so they are on the side of Azerbaijan on the issue of Naka. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on the 27th that “Armenian attacks on Azerbaijan once again, proving once again that it threatens regional security”. According to the associated press, Turkey has sent military experts to Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan is also using Turkish weapons, including UAVs and warplanes. In addition, the Armenian ambassador to Russia said on the 28th that Turkey has sent about 4000 fighters from northern Syria to Azerbaijan, Reuters reported. “What we see is that after the first day of upgrading, there are armored, aviation, heavy artillery and UAVs, which shows that this is not spontaneous, but a carefully planned operation,” said mukhanov, an expert on Caucasus issues at Moscow State Institute of international relations “If external pressure cannot stop this conflict, then war will break out, which will be a disaster,” mukhanov said. This will ripple across the north Caucasus, affecting all major countries, including Russia and Turkey. ” However, valtayan, an analyst at the Crisis Group, said that the deployment of heavy weapons such as rockets and artillery has increased, which increases the risk of civilian casualties and may make it more difficult for both sides to withdraw from the full-scale war.