The Secretary General of the United Nations and the president of the general assembly have called for a world free of nuclear threats

On August 6, UN Secretary General Guterres and President of the 74th UN General Assembly, Mohamed Bandi, called on the international community to eliminate nuclear weapons completely and strive to build a new world free from the threat of nuclear weapons. “75 years should make us realize that owning nuclear weapons only weakens security, not strengthens security,” Guterres said in a video address for the 75th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombings in Japan However, “differences, mistrust and a lack of dialogue could return the world to an uncontrolled strategic nuclear race.”. Guterres said that the United Nations was born in the same year as the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear explosions. At the beginning of its establishment, the United Nations confirmed the importance of the complete elimination of nuclear weapons, “however, this goal has not been achieved.”. He urged all countries to take advantage of the opportunity of next year’s review conference of the Treaty on the non proliferation of nuclear weapons to maintain and consolidate the international non-proliferation and disarmament system and to implement the Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons and the comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty as soon as possible. In a video sent to the same event, Muhammad Bandi said there was no winner in the nuclear war. “We must renew our commitment to nuclear disarmament, because there will never be any justification for the mass destruction caused by nuclear weapons.” He called on all Member States to sign and ratify the nuclear weapons ban treaty, a “landmark agreement” for nuclear disarmament.