The Russian Foreign Ministry announced a reciprocal response: it will expel an Austrian diplomat in Russia

On the 24th local time, Austria’s Foreign Ministry confirmed the expulsion of a Russian diplomat and asked to leave the country before September 1. According to the Russian satellite news agency on the evening of 24, Kremlin spokesman Peskov said that the Russian foreign ministry is responsible for making a reciprocal response. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned the Austrian ambassador to Russia and formally protested the Austrian side’s behavior. The Russian Embassy in Austria said earlier on the 24th that it was angry at Vienna’s “groundless move.”. Russian media said that last week, Norwegian police reported that a 50 year old man suspected of divulging state secrets was arrested. He was said to have met “Russian intelligence agents” and disclosed information “that may damage Norway’s fundamental interests”. The man faces up to 15 years in prison and a Russian diplomat has also been deported.