The rendering of Ford Mustang mach-e sedan SUV is more sporty

At the just opened 2020 Beijing auto show, it made its debut in China and is expected to be introduced into the domestic market in 2021. Today, we obtained the rendering of Mustang mach-e sedan SUV from relevant channels. < / P > < p > from the rendering, we can see that the Mustang mach-e sedan SUV adopts a more dynamic double door design, and the low C-pillar at the tail also looks very dynamic. < / P > < p > at present, Ford has not explicitly put forward a plan to produce Mustang mach-e sedan SUV, but considering the popularity of sedan SUV in the current market, it is not impossible. For example, the recently unveiled domestic Audi q5l Sportback is also the first attempt of the car series. < / P > < p > although mach-e is positioned as a pure electric SUV, its overall appearance design still has a lot of Mustang’s shadow. We are still familiar with the air intake grille on the front face, but it adopts the common closed design on electric vehicles. The side shape is designed with sliding back, and a part of black area is added on the top. The visual error is used to make it practical when it has movement. It is worth mentioning that the Mustang logo of the new car does not use the traditional all metal logo, but uses 3D printing technology to create a three-dimensional sense visually, and has a circle of white stroke on the edge, which is very special. < / P > < p > the interior of the new car adopts a relatively simple design style, and the central control screen size reaches 15.5 inches, which is also the largest screen carried by Ford at present. It is equipped with Ford’s latest sync 4-car system, and supports OTA online upgrade and wireless Carplay. < / P > < p > in terms of power, the overseas Mustang mach-e will launch five power versions, including the standard range rear drive version, the standard range full drive version, the long range rear drive version, the long range full drive version and the GT version. The first one to accept the reservation is the first edition version, the long range full drive version, with the maximum power of 248kw and the peak torque of 565nm. The maximum power of GT performance version will reach 342kw and the peak torque will reach 830nm.