The price of Tesla Model 3 is 249900 yuan after subsidy for standard range upgrade

On October 1, the domestic Tesla Model 3 lithium iron phosphate battery model was updated. At present, on the official website of Tesla China, the price of the standard range upgrade version after subsidy is 249900 yuan, the price of the long range version is 309900 yuan, and the price of the performance high performance version remains 419800 yuan. < / P > < p > thanks to the advanced software technology and efficiency optimization, the range of the upgraded model 3 standard has been effectively improved by more than 20 km. Under the national standard condition method, the comprehensive range reaches 468 km, the maximum speed is 225 km / h, and the acceleration time of 100 km is only 5.6 seconds. Enjoy the same vehicle warranty and battery warranty (vehicle warranty: 4 years or 80000 km / battery warranty: 8 years or 160000 km).