The president of northern Macedonia authorized zaev to form a new government

Skopje, Tirana, August 14 news: on August 13, President pendarovsky of northern Macedonia authorized zaev, leader of the Macedonian Social Democratic Union, to form a new government. < p > < p > on the same day, pendarovsky announced that according to the constitution of northern Macedonia and the proposal of the political party alliance composed of the Macedonian Social Democratic Union and the “besa” movement, zaev was appointed as prime minister designate and authorized to form a new government. < / P > < p > the coalition of political parties formed by the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia and the “besa” movement won the parliamentary election on July 15 by a simple majority, winning 46 seats in the 120 seat Parliament. As it failed to obtain the 61 seats needed to form a separate cabinet, the coalition needed to form a coalition government with other parties. Zaev said on the 13th that he will discuss the formation of a cabinet with the leaders of the 15 seat Arab League for integrated democracy.