The preparation time is short, the operation is simple, and the dispersion range is small How to drop without parachute?

Parachute free airdrop, that is, airdrop without parachute, overcomes the shortcomings of highway and railway transportation, and solves the problem of low efficiency of parachute free airdrop. It has many advantages, such as short preparation time, simple operation, small distribution range, fast collection and so on. First, the preparation time is short. Parachute free airdrop does not need parachute, which saves the time of folding parachute. The airdrop parts can be directly installed on the aircraft, or the airdrop tray can be used to quickly bundle the parts. Secondly, it can achieve accurate airdrop. After the parachute free airdrop comes out of the cabin, it will fall freely. The drift distance of the landing point is only related to the speed and height of the vehicle. It is less affected by the wind speed and wind direction, so it can land in the preset landing area. Moreover, there is no special requirement for land form, which can be implemented in complex terrain. Finally, it’s easy to collect. Due to the controllable landing point, it takes less time to find equipment and materials. After simple manual operation, the collectors can use the equipment and materials in a centralized way. Over the years, the development of parachute free airdrop support has been slow, mainly due to the constraints of packaging structure design, packaging and cushioning material technology. In recent years, with the innovation of world packaging concept and the development of new packaging material technology, great progress has been made in the research and experiment of parachute free airdrop, and the prospect of parachute free airdrop support applied to the battlefield is more and more optimistic. < / P > < p > in the support mode, on the one hand, parachute free airdrop support can implement real-time support of combat equipment and materials. “A battalion in 24 hours is far more important than a division in 10 days.”. In modern war, the pace of operations is speeding up, and the battlefield situation is changing rapidly, which requires combat equipment, materials and personnel to provide near real-time support. Highway and railway transportation are greatly affected by road conditions, and the guarantee speed is difficult to meet the requirements; although the sea transportation has large transportation volume and low cost, its timeliness is poor. In contrast, due to the directness and convenience of aircraft, the time of parachute free airdrop support is greatly reduced compared with cars, trains and ships, basically realizing the simultaneous arrival of combat equipment, materials and combat personnel. In the operation, the combat equipment and materials are first airdropped without parachute, and then the combat personnel are airborne or airborne; or when the personnel arrive in other ways, the combat equipment and materials are airdropped to the designated area by using the mode of airdrop without parachute. In addition, it is very convenient to carry the parachute free airdrop equipment and materials, which can meet the needs of rapid deployment and operation. < / P > < p > on the other hand, parachute free airdrop support can implement point-to-point direct support of equipment and materials. Under normal circumstances, train transportation and ship transportation also need unloading, car transfer and re unloading, which can not achieve direct support. Parachute free airdrop support is a kind of point-to-point support implemented by aircraft, which can be directly delivered to the front-line combat area or the enemy’s far-reaching rear, with higher support efficiency and battlefield value. In the process of operation, the equipment and materials can be quickly and directly airdropped to the required troops by using the parachute free airdrop support. Compared with other modes of transportation, it is more time-saving, labor-saving and relatively safer. Especially in the extreme weather or environment, the use of parachute free airdrop support mode will greatly improve the living and working conditions of the troops in scattered and remote areas, and rapidly enhance their combat effectiveness. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid by foreign forces.