The origin of the mysterious metal boulder that marks the ancient characters is a mystery in Turkey

According to local media reports, the 3-meter-high metal boulder was found on February 5 local time near the “gebeckli Stonehenge” site in Sanliurfa province. The boulder stands straight on the ground. Above it is a line written in ancient Turkic: “if you want to see the moon, look at the sky.” < / P > < p > the army then rushed to the scene to protect it. According to reports, some of the giant stones are similar to the metal objects that appeared briefly in the Utah desert last year and disappeared after netizens’ heated discussion. At present, relevant authorities are investigating the source of them. < / P > < p > “gebeckley Stonehenge” site was listed in the world cultural heritage list in 2018. It is the oldest known megalith structure in the world, mainly composed of round and rectangular megaliths. These monuments are probably related to the funeral ceremony. The unique T-shaped pillars are engraved with images of wild animals, from which we can see the lifestyle and beliefs of people living in Mesopotamia about 11500 years ago.