The Okinawa authorities strongly protested against the drop of 7 Jin heavy parts from the air by us warplanes stationed in Japan

On August 6, according to the report of the Okinawa times on August 6, a F15 fighter plane belonging to the US Army in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, dropped a 3.6 kg metal part from the air on the 4th. The US military informed the Okinawa government 10 hours after the incident, and a series of actions triggered a strong protest from the latter. According to reports, the F15 fighter plane with the dropped parts was attached to the Kadena base of the U.S. Army stationed in Japan at 10:30 a.m. local time on the 4th, but the U.S. military did not report the matter to the Okinawa county government through the Okinawa defense Bureau until 8:45 p.m. < p > < p > in response to the series of actions of the US troops stationed in Japan, Okinawa Prefecture governor Yucheng Dani protested on the 5th. First, he said to the falling parts accident itself that “the life of the county people is facing a very serious crisis”. Then, he appealed to the county government to be informed 10 hours after the military stationed in Japan and the United States. He called for “we hope to be able to quickly update the situation.”. As for the US military’s continued training of relevant aircraft types, Yucheng stressed that “the US military should stop all training, investigate the cause of the accident, and make the results public.”. According to reports, although the location of the incident has not been made public, the report analysis said that it may be located in the sea area 97 km southeast of Kadena base, or the area along the national highway 58 near the airport of the base. The dropped items were the equipment used by fighter planes to fix ammunition. For a long time, crimes, military aircraft crashes, falling objects and noise disturbance of the US military stationed in Okinawa have occurred frequently, making Okinawa people unbearable. The Japanese and American governments have reached an agreement on the relocation of the Futenma base of the US Army stationed in Japan in Okinawa county. However, the Okinawa people objected and demanded that the base be completely closed or moved outside the county.