The official map of new Benz E-class long wheelbase version will be officially launched on September 25

On September 15, e-Car learned from Mercedes Benz official that the official map of the new Benz E-class long wheelbase model was released, and the new car was scheduled to be officially launched on the eve of the Beijing auto show on September 25. In terms of appearance, the overall design of the new domestic E-class is consistent with that of the overseas model. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new E-class are 5078 / 1860 / 1490 mm and 3079 mm respectively. < / P > < p > the latest family style design style is adopted for the headlamp. The overall line of the headlamp tends to be mellow. The folding angle of the daytime running light also balances the round shape of the headlamp, which improves the sharp feeling and the overall relaxation of the new front face. The model in the official map uses the big starlight logo and dot matrix Zhongwang, showing a strong sense of fashion and youth. The tail lamp is also a brand-new design. The different internal structure of the upper and lower layers makes the visual effect more three-dimensional. < / P > < p > in terms of interior decoration, the seats are covered with leather, the color is elegant, and the central position is made of perforated leather, which improves the riding comfort and has a calmer temperament. The steering wheel adopts the brand-new design of Mercedes Benz, and the two horizontal panels are of split structure, which is more conducive to the partition of the function keys on the steering wheel, and more in line with the temperament of E-class commercial IKEA. < / P > < p > the doors are still in the classic style of Mercedes Benz. The leather, metal and wood grain materials are used in a variety of matching ways. The classic seat adjustment buttons and the sound of Berlin sound are exquisite. < / P > < p > the five petal style rims used in the new E-class are introverted in shape, exuding a firm metallic luster, and showing masculine temperament in elegance. The mid-term modified domestic Benz E-class will be officially launched on the eve of the Beijing auto show on September 25. The E-Class will bring the latest report as soon as possible.