The number of suicides in 2020 will increase compared with the previous year

Tokyo, January 22 according to the quick report data released by Japan’s Ministry of health, labor and welfare on January 22, there will be 20919 suicides in Japan in 2020, an increase of 750 compared with 2019. Covid-19 Dutch act:

Japanese media said that the Japanese economic situation worsened and the family environment changed due to the new crown epidemic. This may be the reason for the rise in the number of suicides in Japan. < / P > < p > quick report data showed that there were 13943 male suicides, 135 fewer than the previous year, while the number of female suicides was 6976, 885 more than the previous year. In addition, the number of suicides among primary and secondary school students in Japan has increased significantly. Statistics from the Japanese police agency show that by the end of November 2020, 440 primary and secondary school students in Japan committed suicide that year, a record high.