The number of new crown cases in Kathmandu Valley of Nepal broke 100 for the first time

China News Agency, Kathmandu, August 7, according to data released by the Ministry of health and population of Nepal, 106 new cases of new coronavirus infection have been reported in Kathmandu Valley in the past 24 hours.

this is the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Kathmandu valley. The number of new cases increased more than 100 cases for the first time. In terms of regions, there are 92 new cases in Kathmandu City, 10 cases in Patan city and 4 cases in Badagong city. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was used to prevent and control the outbreak of

. The City Office of GAD man decided to block two districts of special library and Mahaboob da. The three municipal government of Kathmandu, ptan and Bhaktapur announced that the government department had closed for 15 days since August 9th. In addition, the three cities also decided to strictly investigate the behavior of not wearing masks and strictly implement the policy of restricting the use of single and even number motor vehicles. On the same day, the number of vehicles and pedestrians on Kathmandu Street decreased sharply. < p > < p > China’s focus is face-to-face: “Chang’e exploration of the moon”, the most difficult space mission in history. How to implement it? ——Interview with Li Qing, chief designer of chang’e-5 detector