The number of new cases in a single day in Germany exceeded 1000 for the first time in three months

Frankfurt, Aug. 6 the new epidemic data released by the Robert Koch Institute for Disease Control and prevention in Frankfurt on August 6 showed that the number of newly diagnosed cases in a single day as of 0:00 local time was 1045, which was the first time since May 7. From the end of June to the first ten days of July, the number of new cases in a single day in Germany basically remained above or below 500 cases, sometimes significantly lower than 500 cases. However, since the end of July, the epidemic situation has rebounded. The Robert Koch Institute said recently that small-scale cluster infections are frequent, mostly related to gatherings, vacations and returning home. The agency called on people to keep social distance and abide by health regulations to curb the epidemic. Susan johanner, chairman of the “Marburg alliance” of the German doctors’ Union, said in an interview with the Augsburg report on the 4th that the epidemic situation in Germany is on a gradual rise. If people do not abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, the hard won epidemic prevention achievements will be wasted.