The number of confirmed cases of new crown in Japan exceeded 1500 for two consecutive days, and Tokyo reached a new record

Tokyo, August 1, according to the statistics of Japan Broadcasting Association television station, as of 20:30 on the first day, 1536 new cases of new crown were confirmed in Japan, more than 1500 cases were confirmed for two consecutive days. 37925 cases were diagnosed. According to the data of < / P > < p > on the 1st day, there were 2 new deaths in Japan, with a total of 1013 deaths. In Tokyo, 472 new cases were confirmed, reaching a new high of 13163. There were 195 cases in Osaka Prefecture, 181 cases in Aichi County, 121 cases in Fukuoka County, 74 cases in Saitama county and 73 cases in Chiba county. So far, a total of 37 dudaofu counties have reported confirmed cases.