The next generation Volvo XC90 may become the last internal combustion engine model of the company

According to overseas media reports, the chief executive of Volvo said in the exchange with car and drive that the next generation of Volvo XC90 may become the last model of the company to offer the option of internal combustion engine. At present, Volvo’s goal is that half of the cars it will produce by 2025 will be pure electric vehicles. < / P > < p > with the release of Volvo xc40refresh P8, the first pure electric vehicle of Volvo, Volvo’s product line will usher in a new era, which is not only for the needs of environmental protection and sustainable development. Volvo’s chief executive said that the internal combustion engine may end in the next generation xc-90, the flagship model, and we must fully adopt the pure electric solution before the government enforces it. < / P > < p > Volvo XC90 is currently being sold as the second generation model, providing drive-e gasoline, diesel, 48V light hybrid and T8 plug-in hybrid power system. It is also the first model of the same level to launch a full range of 4-cylinder engines, and uses plug-in hybrid as the flagship of the car series.