The new method can reduce the weight of automobile and aircraft structure

Through a new method, the researchers of Russian National Research University of technology have successfully obtained high strength materials from iron, which can maintain high weldability after treatment and form solid joints. This method is helpful to replace bolt connection with welding to manufacture automobile, aircraft, spaceship and other machinery, thus reducing the weight of metal structure. The related research was published in the Journal of material processing technology. < / P > < p > in order to obtain high strength metal materials in the future, other elements need to be added, but this will greatly reduce the weldability of materials. Russian researchers use a new method to grind the internal structure through the same tube angle extrusion, so as to deform the material and increase the strength of iron by relying on the nanostructure. < / P > < p > the University’s invited postdoctoral fellow, Jerome menhotz, explained that after welding, the mechanical properties of nanostructured iron exceed that of iron obtained by conventional methods, which helps to obtain structural components with the best indicators. Alexander komisarov, director of the University’s mixed nanostructured materials laboratory, said that studying the technical properties of nanostructured metals, such as solderability, could help identify the application fields of such materials and greatly expand the field.