The new Mercedes Benz C-class rendering exposure adopts a large number of S-class design elements, which will be officially released within this year

Recently, we got a rendering of a new Mercedes Benz C-class car from overseas media. Through the analysis of previous spy reports, the rendering is very close to the mass production model. The new C-class will adopt a large number of new S-class design elements. The new car will be officially launched within this year and will be on sale next year. < / P > < p > from the rendering, the new car follows the new E-class and S-class design concept and adopts the latest family style. The vehicle is equipped with oval air intake grille, and the shape of the headlamp is more slender. In addition, the shape of the lower air intake grille has also changed. Although the size is much smaller than the new S-class, we can find that the shape of the two is the same. Viewed from the side, a sharp waistline extends from the front lamp set to the rear of the car along the upper direction of the door handle, depicting a more three-dimensional body shape. The wheel rim in the rendering has not been sporty. It is expected that different wheel rim options will be provided after mass production of new cars in the future. < / P > < p > the new C-class car will be built with modular rear drive platform (MRA), and will launch a variety of derivative models including station wagon. In terms of power system, in addition to conventional fuel models, PHEV plug-in hybrid models may be launched in the future, and even pure electric models may be launched.