The new layout of AstraZeneca appears in China

Today, AstraZeneca, with the theme of “Deepening China’s commitment and leading the future of medical care”, has been on the China International Import Expo for the third consecutive year with the world’s heavyweight new drugs, new integrated whole course management solutions for diagnosis and treatment, and a number of smart medical scenarios. This year, the area of AstraZeneca’s main exhibition stand has increased to 1000 square meters, making it the largest exhibition stand in the medical equipment and health care exhibition area. It is also the first time for the company to highlight the new layout of “China headquarters plus five regional headquarters” in China, which shows that the enterprises continue to increase the Chinese market, promote the further release of regional innovation strength, and boost the long-term stable and high-quality development of China’s economy promise. At the same time, AstraZeneca also appeared in the “public health and epidemic prevention zone” which was first set up this year, focusing on the donation funds, drugs and medical materials during the epidemic period, promoting the drug accessibility and innovation of health services with partners in special periods, and organizing global experts to share anti epidemic experience online. This year, AstraZeneca also brought the latest stage progress of azd1222, a new crown vaccine developed in cooperation with Oxford University, and jointly announced with Kangtai biology that the workshop upgrading and equipment procurement of Kangtai Shenzhen Guangming base, which produces the vaccine, are proceeding orderly. Wang Lei, executive vice president of AstraZeneca global and President of international business and China, said: “in the special period of global epidemic spread, ICIF was held offline as scheduled, which showed the Chinese government’s confidence in the achievements of anti epidemic and its high-level organizational capacity, further conveyed to the outside world China’s adherence to the new pattern of opening up and economic dual cycle development, and strengthening exchanges and cooperation with the world To share important information on the achievements of economic and trade development. All these have given us the firm belief of continuously taking root in the Chinese market and deepening the regional strategic development. At the same time, we see the tremendous efforts made by the medical industry in fighting the epidemic, and we firmly believe that the joint efforts of research institutions, enterprises and governments around the world will add “acceleration” to the fight against the virus. ” < / P > < p > as another measure to combine regional advantages and seize China’s opportunities, AstraZeneca and Hainan provincial government signed a series of important cooperation intentions in the field of digital medical innovation on the first day of the Expo, and carried out all-round cooperation in the fields of global innovative oncology drug introduction, intelligent medical care and related talent ability training, big data application, climate medicine, etc We should promote the upgrading of Internet plus medical technology in Hainan medical institutions and empower the entire health care industry. At the same time, AstraZeneca China and Boao Le City International Medical Tourism leading area authority also signed a strategic cooperation agreement on “tumor innovative drugs in Boao pilot trial”. The two sides will carry out cooperation through the “cancer drugs first trial and cancer diagnosis and treatment center” to accelerate the introduction of global innovative tumor drugs into China, and provide innovative diagnosis and treatment programs for Chinese patients as soon as possible. During the Expo last year, AstraZeneca joined hands with CICC to establish the global medical industry fund. This has been actively participated by many leading enterprises in the industry. At this fair, AstraZeneca and CICC jointly announced that phase I of the global medical industry fund has been successfully raised. Investors participating in phase I financing include government guidance funds, medical and health industry institutions and financial and financial investment institutions. As an important part of AstraZeneca’s global innovation strategy, the fund will rely on the strong strengths of AstraZeneca in the field of health care and the investment management experience of CICC capital, focusing on the urgent needs of patients, covering the whole industrial chain, including global new drug research and development, production, operation and commercialization, and expanding overseas innovation introduction and local innovation incubation. China’s innovation benefits the world. When talking about the biggest benefits to enterprises brought by the Expo, Wang Lei sighed: “in the past two years, AstraZeneca has achieved important development in the Chinese market with the help of the strong spillover and driving effect of ICIF. In the future, AstraZeneca will continue to take advantage of the Expo platform, continue to introduce global innovative drugs, actively explore innovative medical solutions and cooperation modes with more partners, and further promote mutually beneficial cooperation of innovative forces at home and abroad under the new pattern of China’s economic double cycle, jointly build a two-way open medical ecosystem at home and abroad, share opportunities for Expo entry, and help health China. ”