The new Kia Sorento X-line preview will be unveiled on September 22

Recently, we obtained a set of new X-line posters from overseas media, showing the “X” logo above the fender. The new car will be officially unveiled on September 22. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance, the new Sorento has a strong overall style and adopts a family style design style. The Huxiao central mesh is connected with LED headlights, and is decorated with thick chrome plated trim strips, which widens the horizontal line visual width to a certain extent. The side and back of the car body are also designed with rigid lines. The straight waistline is more prominent from the beginning to the end, which improves the stereo sense of the whole vehicle to a certain extent. In terms of power, the fuel version will be equipped with a 2.5t turbocharged gasoline engine with a maximum power of 277 horsepower and a maximum torque of 421 nm. The PHEV plug-in hybrid model will be equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a four cylinder gasoline engine and an electric motor. The maximum power of the engine is 180 horsepower, the maximum torque is 265nm, the maximum power of the motor is 91 horsepower, the maximum torque is 304 nm, the comprehensive power of the system is 265 horse power, the torque is 350 nm, and the battery pack of 13.8 kwh is provided.