The new crown hospital in Kathmandu Valley of Nepal is operating at full capacity. Asymptomatic patients can only go home for isolation

Kathmandu, August 7, local media reported on the 6th that all the new crown hospitals in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal have been operating at full capacity with no spare beds. At present, the new asymptomatic new crown patients can only go home for self isolation. According to the data released by the Ministry of health and population of Nepal, the number of new cases in Kathmandu Valley has increased significantly in recent days. On August 6 alone, 87 new coronavirus infections were reported in the valley. This is also the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in the valley. The number of new cases is the largest on a single day. < / P > < p > at present, there are more than 500 active new crown cases in Kathmandu Valley, which brings great pressure to the local medical system. Therefore, according to the Guidelines previously issued by the Department of epidemiology and disease control of Nepal, relevant institutions can only send new asymptomatic infected people home for self isolation. < p > < p > the teku hospital in Kathmandu is also a new crown hospital with 46 special beds. “We can only treat patients with new crowns who have obvious symptoms,” the hospital’s director, sagor, told the media.