The new coronavirus will not disappear in September and Australia will extend the state of emergency

Beijing, August 24, according to the Australian website, local time 24, Australian Victoria governor Andrews said the government will seek to extend the state of emergency which will expire in September for 12 months, so as to give the government the power to further implement the blockade restrictions. < p > < p > according to reports, Andrews said, “this is not an unlimited extension, the government just recognizes that the new coronavirus may not disappear on September 30.” < / P > < p > although the public health and welfare act of 2008 allows a state of emergency to last only six months, Andrews said the bill was being amended to change that provision to ensure that restrictions such as mandatory masks and strict closures could continue throughout the state. “We will extend the emergency provisions of the public health and welfare act for a maximum of 12 months.” < p > < p > it is reported that at the end of July, the epidemic situation in Victoria, Australia rebounded, and the government subsequently issued a statewide “mask injunction”. At present, the number of new infections in a single day has decreased in Victoria, but the total number of confirmed cases in Australia has exceeded 24000.