The “new cold war” is not in anyone’s interest

Just as the efforts of the United States to contain China will not achieve results, time will prove that it is not in anyone’s interest to engage in a “new cold war” with China. < p > < p > at present, the international community is highly concerned about whether there will be a “new Cold War” between the United States and China. The “new cold war” will not do any good. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is China’s main purpose of shifting the attention of the US politicians to the attention of the American voters, so that they no longer care about the current government’s improper handling of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

the novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the United States account for over 5 million cases, with over 160 thousand deaths, far higher than any other country in the world. Many Americans are painfully aware of the human and economic losses caused by the epidemic. The numbers may be numbing, but they mean thousands of Americans have lost their loved ones. Although the US government expects a V-shaped recovery of the US economy in the third quarter, the US Federal Reserve believes that the prospects for the US economic recovery are “highly uncertain” and that the economy will show negative growth this year. Under such circumstances, it is hard to believe that anything can distract voters from the harsh reality. < / P > < p > the United States has taken a series of measures to suppress China, focusing on Hong Kong, Xinjiang, China’s response to the epidemic and Huawei. These actions have caused the international community to have a negative view of the United States. In fact, the failure of the United States to control the impact of the epidemic on the American people and domestic and foreign economies has seriously damaged the international community’s view of the United States. The decision of the United States to withdraw from the World Health Organization has also been widely condemned by the international community. In contrast, China’s current international reputation is very good. China’s response to the epidemic has been successful as a whole. China’s decision to enact and implement the Hong Kong national security law has received the support of many countries. China’s China and China’s developed one belt, one road initiative has been supported by many developing countries and developed countries. China’s extensive participation in international organization’s action has been in sharp contrast with that of the United States. < / P > < p > although the US China trade war is publicized as “the victory of the United States” in the United States, as economists have analyzed, there is no winner in the trade war. America’s attempt to “decouple technology” from China will, on the contrary, encourage China to increase its efforts to develop advanced technology, especially to manufacture chips on its own. By cutting off the sale of chips to Huawei and other Chinese companies, the U.S. government has hit a major source of revenue for U.S. chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm, resulting in a reduction in funds for independent research and development. The U.S. government is also targeting Chinese students and scientists in American universities. In the future, the number of Chinese students who choose to stay in the United States is likely to decrease, which will make the United States lose talents. < / P > < p > provoked by some political forces and media in the United States, the fear of China and Prejudice in the United States have intensified, affecting Chinese and Asian American citizens, as well as their businesses and communities. At present, the continuous racial tension between African Americans and whites has attracted a lot of attention from the news at home and abroad, but unfortunately, “Sinophobia” has been largely ignored by the American public. < / P > < p > since it is not in the interest of the United States to push us China relations into the “new cold war”, why is the current situation? In the election year, diverting people’s attention from the poor response to the epidemic in the United States is obviously one of the main reasons. In addition, U.S. officials lack understanding of China’s policy priorities. China’s priority is domestic stability and prosperity, safeguarding national sovereignty, and winning global respect. Many of China’s actions are in line with these goals. It is a pity that the US side did not consider engaging with China constructively on the basis of their respective priorities, but chose to criticize China extensively. < / P > < p > once the “new cold war” appears, its influence will not be limited to two countries. Fortunately, the vast majority of Asia Pacific countries refuse to choose sides and hope to deal with the United States and China on the basis of their own interests. Just as America’s efforts to contain China will not be effective, time will prove that it is not in anyone’s interest to engage in a “new cold war” with China.