The new BMW 128ti will officially launch the competitive golf gti next month. Only the automatic transmission version will be available

Recently, we learned from overseas media that the new BMW 128ti will be officially released next month, which is the first time that the brand will resume the application of “Ti” logo after the launch of BMW 323ti in 1997. It is reported that the new car will face the competition of Golf GTI models after its launch, but it is a little pity that the new BMW 128ti will only provide the model version matching the 8-speed automatic transmission. In terms of appearance, from the actual photos of the prototype car exposed by foreign media, it can be seen that the 128ti front face shape continues the design style of the new BMW 1 series, and the iconic double kidney grille with angel eye is highly recognizable. The new car doesn’t use the eye opening angle design, which also makes the new car look more capable from the front. The front surround is made with rich fold angle design, which has a strong sense of hierarchy. It can be seen that the new car is not equipped with dot matrix central net, which also indicates that its positioning is lower than that of m135. < / P > < p > the side line is the sporty style of the hatchback version, and the rear window glass is integrated with the C-pillar, which is also a rare design technique in BMW models, highlighting the sports characteristics of the new car. The design of the rear of the car also tends to be sporty. The tail lamp is designed in a family style design language, which effectively stretches the visual width and makes the new car look lower in center of gravity. In details, the rear spoiler design, the radiator on both sides of the rear bumper, and circular double exhaust all highlight the sportiness of the new car. In terms of interior decoration, 128ti also adopts the new family design style. The LCD instrument panel and large-scale central control panel bring a full sense of science and technology. At the same time, we can see that the new car is equipped with a brand-new design of gear handles, and the steering wheel is equipped with shift paddles. In terms of configuration, the new car may provide BMW intelligent satellite navigation system and smart comfort access keyless new system. The safety configuration will be equipped with pedestrian monitoring, blind spot detection and warning, automatic parking assistance system and other configuration. < / P > < p > the new BMW 128ti will use front wheel drive and deliver 261bhp power and peak torque up to 400nm. In terms of transmission system, the 8-speed automatic transmission is matched with the engine. For a sports performance oriented model, it is a little pity that there is no manual transmission. In addition, the new car will offer a variety of driving modes.