The new ballad of the bulletproof youth group is on the top of the moon Jae in the United States.

according to Seoul, September 1st, the president of South Korea sent a message on moon Jae in September 1st to congratulate the Korean men’s youth group’s new song “Dynamite”, which is the top 100 billboard of the US billboard. It is a great feat in K-POP’s history. Moon Jae in

wrote that “Dynamite” has given more meaning to the global fans who have been repressed for a long time. This song won the billboard top 100 singles list, wrote a new chapter in the history of K-pop, and also brought comfort to the suffering Korean people under the epidemic. < / P > < p > according to the US bulletin board on August 31, local time, BTS’s new song dynamite won the top 100 singles on the billboard this week. BTS has been on the billboard top 200 album list for four times. This time, it reached the top of the single list, setting a record for sweeping the two main charts.