The navy takes multiple measures to enhance the contribution rate of political work to war preparation

Beijing, December 17 in recent years, Party committees at all levels of the navy have focused on their main responsibilities and businesses, enhanced the contribution rate of political work to war preparation, adhered to ideological guidance, political training, system standardization, and problem rectification, and promoted the Navy’s political work to play an important service guarantee role in the Navy’s transformation construction, war preparation, and completion of various tasks. < / P > < p > the navy has formulated and issued a number of normative documents to clarify the establishment of command post and temporary Party committee of maritime formation, the allocation of commanders when a single ship and a single boat go to sea to perform tasks, and the command position of political commissars of ships. In addition, the Navy will also issue documents such as “opinions on strengthening naval political work in the new era” and “measures on strengthening and improving the training and selection of naval officers”, so as to focus on the innovation and development of political work and strengthen the preparation for the transformation of political work service. < p > < p > Party committees at all levels of the Navy also summarized and improved the experience of Party building under the dynamic and scattered conditions of ocean escort, combat readiness patrol, and off-site training, so as to improve the leadership, organizational ability and executive ability of Party organizations at all levels, and integrate the cultivation of fighting spirit into all aspects of military training and preparation. < / P > < p > in the front line of maritime training, the captain of Shandong warship and political commissar jointly command aviation support, damage control, emergency disposal and other warship operations, organize J-15 carrier based fighters to take off and land at a high frequency for several consecutive days, complete training tasks such as maximum sorties deployment and recovery, and implement the “double commander” system to the specific battle position of the warship. In the Gulf of Aden, the 36th convoy carried out search and rescue exercises, and political elements played an important role in the command chain and combat module. In the Marine Corps stationed in the south, the annual “marine pioneer” selection activity encourages officers and men to be the leading force to win the vanguard. In the deep ocean, the officers and men of a submarine unit who participated in the long-distance voyage for the first time obtained a bottle of sea water extracted from the largest depth and an honorary certificate signed by the commander, which strengthened the sense of honor and mission of sailing and fighting for the motherland.