The model s Plaid will carry 4680 batteries and will be launched in the second half of 2021

Its energy storage density will be five times higher than in the past, its range will be increased by 16%, and its power output will be up to six times. Plaid model especially emphasizes that the loading mode of the new battery is also changed compared with the old model. In the past, the battery cells need to be placed in the module, and then the module is placed on the frame, while the 4680 battery has removed the module, and the battery cells can be directly placed in the frame, which is conducive to reducing weight and improving the rigidity of the frame. < / P > < p > the new battery design and driving with the new battery can increase the driving range by about 30% without changing the chemical composition of the battery. The range of the model spider is expected to be 520 + miles, while the range of the model s long range with the old battery is 402 miles, an increase of up to 29.3%.