The Ministry of Veterans Affairs released the third batch of employment cooperative enterprises

Beijing, Oct. 12 the Ministry of Veterans Affairs held a centralized release ceremony for the third batch of retired servicemen’s employment cooperative enterprises in Beijing on October 12, announcing the newly determined 60 veterans’ employment cooperative enterprises, which will provide 124000 jobs for veterans. < / P > < p > since the end of 2019, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs has begun to explore the employment mode of “authoritative recommendation + independent selection”, and has signed employment service agreements for veterans with six enterprises in two batches. In July 2020, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the all China Federation of industry and Commerce jointly issued the “initiative on jointly promoting the employment of retired servicemen with independent employment”. Taking this opportunity, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs issued an invitation to more than 1300 state-owned enterprises, financial institutions and private enterprises in China. Through repeated consultations and screening, 60 enterprises with strong comprehensive strength, strong industry influence, wide geographical coverage and high post quality have been identified. < / P > < p > “after the intention is reached and the agreement is signed between the Department of Veterans Affairs and the enterprise, no matter how good the planning and planning is, it will be a piece of paper.” Gu Lei, deputy director of the employment and entrepreneurship Department of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, said: “we will guide all localities to implement the follow-up work one by one.” According to Gu Lei, in terms of the implementation of the specific work of employment cooperation with enterprises, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs will require the departments of Veterans Affairs in various regions to actively connect with the branches of relevant local enterprises, take effective measures to ensure the effectiveness of Posts and reliable employment; provide recruitment service convenience and special services for Contracted Enterprises in the off-line special recruitment; and gradually improve the quality of employment Through special channels, new targeted investment and other measures are taken to ensure the implementation of cooperation matters related to the priority recruitment and employment of ex servicemen. < / P > < p > “in the next step, we will improve the policies to promote the development of enterprises, improve the quarterly communication and incentive mechanism, continue to expand the scope of signing contracts, guide the local governments to promote the signing work, and gradually form three cooperative employment modes with the realization of high-quality employment as the traction, education and training, service management and enterprise cooperation, industry cooperation and regional cooperation A new situation of employment. ” Yu jingsen, director of the Department of employment and Entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, said.