The Ministry of education of Greece announced the new regulations of school prevention on July

China News Network on August 25, according to the European Network quoted the European Union News Agency, Greece 2020-2021 new school year, will officially open on September 7, 2020 local time. In response to the public’s concern about the details of the new school year and the epidemic prevention code, Greek education minister krimeus will announce the new school year’s epidemic prevention regulations and plans to the community on the afternoon of August 25 local time. According to the plan for the start of the new school year issued by the Greek Ministry of education earlier, starting from September 1, Greek school staff will return to their posts to prepare for the start of the school year. Starting from September 7, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens across the country started classes. The decision will be subject to the official announcement on September 1. < / P > < p > according to the requirements of the Greek Ministry of education, after the start of the new school year, all teachers and students, including kindergarten students, must wear masks during school; students only need to use masks indoors, and do not need to use them in outdoor PE classes, but they must wear masks in crowded campus areas. < / P > < p > the epidemic prevention regulations require that school bus drivers, staff transporting students to and from school and all teaching and administrative staff, as well as parents of students must wear masks; the government will provide free masks to all students and teaching staff; each classroom of the school should not exceed 17 students. The teaching plan of the new academic year also stipulates that the school will arrange students to stagger the class time and rest time; the school canteen and canteen shall comply with the latest epidemic prevention regulations and guidance issued by the Ministry of health and the Ministry of education; the school celebration can be held in stages, with the school’s travel and large-scale student meetings suspended; students are allowed to visit museums and public buildings in their own class 。