The mass production version of Volkswagen id.4 has been postponed to November 3, when the domestic version of id.4 made its debut at the same time

A few days ago, we learned from the Volkswagen official that due to the typhoon, the release time of id.4 mass production model, which was originally planned to appear in Shenzhen on October 22, will be postponed to November 3. At the same time, id.4 cross and id.4 x, which are put into production by FAW Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen respectively, will also appear together. < / P > < p > Volkswagen id.4 locates the pure electric medium-sized SUV, and the vehicle adopts a new design language. In terms of power, the new car will launch multiple versions, and the maximum driving range under wltp condition can reach 520km. In terms of appearance, id.4 is a continuation of the simple style of ID. the fully enclosed air intake grille, the public logo that can be lit up and the through type light strip make it look more futuristic. The bumper creates an “X” shape, which makes the whole model more sporty. There are large ventilation holes on both sides, which can both guide the air flow and cool the brake system. < / P > < p > from the side, the new car also shows a concise and atmospheric style. It can be seen that the car body adopts a two-color design, and the waist line and the decorative line under the door panel run through the car body in a smooth manner. The official said that the air resistance coefficient of id.4 is 0.28, the tail emphasizes a sense of hierarchy, the tail lamp design echoes the front face, and the through LED shape is still adopted, with a prominent sense of wholeness. The interior design of < / P > < p > id.4 emphasizes sufficient space, and the dashboard seems to float because it is not linked to the central console. Large tilting glass panoramic skylight (optional), with 30 background lighting colors. In addition, the light bar under the windshield can send out light signals of different colors according to the driving situation of vehicles and traffic conditions. < / P > < p > the door handle on id.4 is flush with the body and has an electronic unlocking device. The driver and passengers can enter the vehicle through the door with large opening and enjoy higher seat position. The rear seat is not only higher than the traditional SUV, but also has better space. The standard trunk volume is 543l. < / P > < p > in terms of driving range, id.4 pure version is equipped with 52kwh battery, which can reach 360km driving range under wltp condition, while id.4 Pro version has 77kwh battery, which can reach 520km driving range under wltp condition.