The latest poll: who do the Japanese people support?

The shock caused by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s resignation on Friday has not subsided. It has brought a series of problems that affect international public opinion. Among them, who is Abe’s successor has attracted the most attention. On September 30, Kyodo News Agency disclosed that the LDP is making final coordination on the schedule of issuing the announcement on September 8 and voting on September 14, and may hold an interim parliament on September 17 to elect a new prime minister. To be eligible, a candidate must be recommended by 20 members of Congress. A national public opinion survey conducted by the media on the 29th and 30th showed that Shi Po Mao was the most popular candidate for the next prime minister, with 34.3% of the respondents choosing him, followed by Kan Yi Wei and Defense Minister Taro Kono. “Yomiuri Shimbun” said that for the election, Kono said on the 29th, “will seriously consider and negotiate with partners.”. < / P > < p > Kan Yiwei, Shi pomao and Hamada Wenxiong are seen as the most likely candidates to succeed Abe. According to Japan’s NHK TV station, Yasuda held an hour long meeting with Taro Aso on the evening of the 30th. He said in an interview that he expressed his willingness to run for the election to ASO and hoped to get the support of the other side. When reviewing the candidates, Yomiuri Shimbun said on the 30th that Kishida is familiar with policies and trusted by Shinzo Abe, but some people in the party think that he lacks leadership; Shi pomao is popular in the opinion polls, but lacks support from the party. Both are “wary” of Kan’s candidacy because he may have the support of two major factions in the party. < / P > < p > as for the way to elect the president, Japan economic news said that under normal circumstances, members of Congress and National Party members belonging to the Liberal Democratic party vote; however, in case of “emergency” such as the resignation of the president during his term of office, the election can also be held through the general assembly of members of the house and the Senate, plus the voting by the heads of all prefectures and counties of the Liberal Democratic Party. Yomiuri Shimbun predicts that it is possible to adopt the second plan that does not take time, which is unfavorable to Shi Po Mao, whose faction has only 19 members of Congress. < / P > < p > in addition to the above-mentioned candidates, the candidates named by the Japanese media may also participate in the competition include Shimura Bowen, chairman of the LDP election strategy committee, former general secretary Shengzi Noda, foreign minister mauki minchong, Minister of economic regeneration Nishimura kangren, etc. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most urgent issue for the new prime minister, and it is necessary to form a “crisis management cabinet”, the Japan economic news said. However, Guan Zhaoyu, an associate researcher at the Chongyang Institute of financial research at Renmin University of China, told the global times that no matter who comes to power, his ability to integrate domestic affairs may be inferior to Abe in the short term.