The king of Holland and the king of Greece leave the picture of the king and queen of Greece

[ reporter Hou Jiaxin] recently, pictures of Dutch King William Alexander and queen maxima on holiday in Greece have been circulated on the Internet. In the photo, a man stands beside the king and his wife, but they do not maintain the social distance they should have. It quickly attracted attention. On August 24 local time, the king and his wife pleaded guilty on twitter. According to the Dutch news website on August 24, this photo was taken on the Greek island of Milos, and the man in the picture is the owner of a restaurant on the island. In the photo, the boss is standing next to them, holding a plastic bag containing wine and other delicious food. It’s worth noting that none of the three wore masks, but William Alexander held one in his right hand. Not only that, the three did not maintain the corresponding social distance. In addition, the report quoted the Dutch media “RTL” as saying that the staff of the restaurant also confirmed that the king and his wife had been to the restaurant, and the man in the photo was the owner of the restaurant. < / P > < p > in addition to this photo, the report also mentioned that last week, the Internet also circulated a picture of the king and his wife’s swimsuit on their new yacht. This seems to run counter to the Dutch Royal family’s media regulations. It is reported that the Dutch media have two opportunities to take pictures of the royal family holiday every year. In return, in other informal occasions, the media should respect the private lives of royal members. < / P > < p > the couple spoke on social media on August 24, local time. “We didn’t pay attention to social distance at the time,” they tweeted. We should do this because compliance with epidemic rules during holidays is essential to control the new coronavirus In Greece, a social distance of 1.5 meters should be maintained between people; the number of customers per square foot of the room is also limited; masks are required for transportation, museums and other scenic spots, according to the report.