The Japanese government plans to increase the number of national university students to promote local students

Kyodo News Agency reported on September 3 that the Japanese government held the first meeting of an expert meeting on enhancing the charm of local universities on September 2. In order to promote the young people to settle down in the local areas and strive to increase the enrollment of local national universities after 2022, the expert meeting will summarize the direction of university reform in this year. The plan of relevant contents reflects the comprehensive strategy of local entrepreneurship that will be revised by the end of the year. < / P > < p > in July, the government proposed to increase the enrollment quota of local national universities in the 2020 “basic policy of urban and rural areas, people, work and creation” finalized at the cabinet meeting. The expert meeting was composed of 13 people including university related people, business operators and local leaders. In the future, discussions will also be held on issues such as flexible use of online education and cooperation with local industries towards job creation. < / P > < p > at the meeting on the same day, Chengwu Kitamura, who is in charge of local entrepreneurship, said that “how to create the trend of young people going to places is very important. I feel a strong expectation for local universities. ” The meeting is closed except the beginning. < / P > < p > the cabinet said that after listening to the opinions of relevant people at the meeting, Keisuke Yongtian, President of the National University Association and President of the University of Tsukuba, expressed his ideas and said: “we are willing to let local universities drive local innovation. We need to increase enrollment and budget measures for research and development. ” In addition, the relevant people of enterprises also need to enrich the cutting-edge research and education with characteristics.